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COVID-19 NOTICE (March 26, 2020)


From the Board of Directors

After considering the Covid 19 health protocols we are implementing the following procedures for range use by our members:

1. All organized disciplines with scheduled events are suspended.

2. Guest passes are suspended due to the shared use of one shooting position.

3. Safe distancing on the range means that one empty shooting position must separate each shooter to create the 2M safe distance from each other.

4. The airgun range will be restricted to no more than three people at any time, and maintain the 2M distance at the shooting line

5. Trap is closed.

6. The club house will be closed.

7. You must sign in and out EVERY time you are at the range. Failure to do so will lead to disciplinary actions. Signing in and out will help us contact potentially exposed shooters in the event that someone frequenting the range develops the disease. Remember to display your membership card.

8. You are responsible for your actions. Do not go to the range with a cough or any other Covid 19 symptoms.

9. When you go to the range follow these procedures: Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it for the following: when unlocking and locking the gate sanitize your hands before entering your vehicle: Sign in and sign out sanitize your hands and sanitize after touching any common range surface. When you use the washrooms wash your hands and use you paper hand towels to open the door. Remember that hand washing with soap is the best sanitizing method.

10. We are currently searching for hand sanitizer and would ask for donations. As you know we do not have a full time staff to disinfect the range every day so we will be placing some sanitizing products for your use as they become available. Please follow the instructions for their use.

The range remaining open is dependent on you following these guide lines.

Further changes to range use will be emailed and posted at NSRG.org


Dave Metcalf






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